Can't create a hosting account!

I have waited for the nameservers for like a week now and I still cannot make an account on infinityfree hosting.

It is an .xyz domain fyi.

Without knowing the domain name, nobody will be able to check if you did it right.

Open this webpage:

Put you domain in there, choose “NS” from the dropdown and click “search”.

Wait a little bit and see if the nameservers configured in your domain are “” and “”.

read the red banner
don’t use NS records, actually set your nameservers to NS1.EPIZY.COM and NS2.EPIZY.COM

is this correct?

I think so…


The passive aggressive error message is caused by a domain format validator in our client area. It says something about the domain you’re trying to input, not the nameservers it’s using.

This could be caused by actually invalid input or by an error in the client area. But I can’t tell from the information provided.

So like both the topic template ask for and @alexvf said: we need to know your domain name to help you. So what exactly did you enter in the domain field?

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my domain name is already sees the correct name servers. But that doesn’t mean they are already full propagated all over the planet. :grinning:

They are slowly appearing in the site I mentioned in a previous post.
Maybe you should wait a few more hours.

I have been waiting for roughly a week now.

OK, I’ve done some checking and I see there are two issues here. None of them are your fault.

  • Our domain format checks are a bit too strict causing your domain name to be rejected. This is being addressed ASAP.
  • The hosting platform’s nameserver verification seems to return a large number of false positives.

The first issue should be resolved in an hour or so and should solve the “and not prefix them to your domain name” error. After that, you may still see errors related to the nameservers, but I hope iFastNet can resolve those today.


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