Can't Contact With Database [Wordpress Errors, Instability Issues, Interruptions, Speed Issues]

Hey guys. I have these errors that bothers me a lot.

Software: Wordpress (Latest 5.X.X)
External Tools: Cloudflare ( integrated with NS records of InfinityFree nameservers)

Error 1: Error Establishing Connection


My websites keeps showing that error. I did many refreshes and do some configuration checks but it still shows.

Error 2: Can’t Contact the Database


After did many refreshing, this error shows. It says I should check if my mysql host is working.


-In the Past days, this errors didn’t exist. It is only now

Error 3: Wordpress Stability Issue


After some refreshing, the homepage appears for the first time. But after another action or refresh the Error 1 & Error 2 goes back again.

Bug 1: Wordpress Speed Issue & Overall Website Speed Issue


My website takes even 5 seconds to load a fresh wordpress installation page. Before it only takes 0.8 or 0.6 seconds to load a simple wordpress installation page on a 10Mbps Stable Network.

I hope someone could resolve these problems.
I will be very glad if somebody could sort it. Your responses will be highly appreciated as I can’t sort it out.

UPDATE: I already solve the errors 1 & 2.

All problem was solved(it was only temporary).

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