Can't connect to website with FTP

For some reason I’m not able to connect to my website using FTP. I have made sure my information is correct several times.

Hello @Technologx. This is an system-wide problem that many users are already reporting. @Admin probably has already noticed it, but I’ll still try to contact him in case he is not aware of this issue. Unfortunately things like these do happen and not always they are something that we can prevent as some parts of our infrastructure are powered by other services and systems…

I hope that this problem will get solved soon and we are sorry for the inconvenience.


Judging by the nature of the issue and the number of people experiencing it, it looks like the FTP server was overloaded. However, I just tried to connect through FTP but I didn’t experience any problems, meaning that the issue most likely has been resolved by the server administrators. Do you still experience this issue?