Can't connect to phpMyAdmin for MySQL DB

Hello, I am trying to connect the database to a Minecraft server for action history but the connection does not work. When i try on phpMyAdmin it doesn’t work better.

I enter in the corresponding fields:

  • server : something like
  • user : epiz_many-numbers-here
  • password : The one shown here: app.infinityfree. net/accounts/epiz_many-numbers-here
    And despite that, impossible to connect, yet I tried everything I could for the server, the password but nothing helped, I also changed the browser and reset the cache …

Here are the part-and-part error messages from the input window:

I use this page to find my login informations : cpanel.epizy. com/panel/indexpl.php?option=mysql&ttt=many-crazy-numbers-here

Hoping someone helps me find a solution,


Our database servers are not accessible from the internet. We provide a website hosting service, not a database hosting service, so our databases are only accessible to websites hosted on our systems.

So you cannot connect to your database from external systems and application, like your Minecraft server.


You can’t connect something like that to any website hosted on this service. You can only access the website via browser only. To do that you will need Premium hosting.

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