Can't connect to mySql

Account Details

|Label|Website for|
|Main Domain||
|Website IP||
|Hosting Volume|vol3_2|
|Created on|2020-10-20|
Error Msg: Connection failed:
When i put in this address: I get: Special offer and Discount Coupon and a iFasnet webpg wanting me to transfer my account.
Also I see you announced free web services capacity have doubled. Double doesn’t help if you cant connect to it.

It looks like your account is suspended. Check the Client Area to find out why.

Only CPU, I/O, and EP limits have increased.

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That’s your main domain, that’s normal. It never shows your website. The main domain redirecting to the suspended page doesn’t say anything about the status of your account.

What can’t connect to what? Your website doesn’t show any major errors, so what’s the issue?


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