Can't connect to db with libre office base

I am trying to connect to a db from libre office base so I can later use it on other libre office apps like calc, but whenever I try to connect it gives me this error:

Communication link failure
The last packet sent successfully to the server was 0 milliseconds ago. The driver has not received any packets from the server.
I tried doing a ping test from the terminal in ubuntu and can't get any response from the server either.

On server name I put: ""
On db name I put: "epiz_23xxxxxx_stock"
On user name I put: "epiz_23xxxxxx"
And also use the correct password.

I have de JDBC installed and works with my localhost... Any guesses why this could be failing?... Maybe some configuration on the infinity free service itself that I am not taking into account?

Forgott to mention that I am using the JDBC Mysql type of connection, with the driver installed and working.

Remote database is blocked here. In this case, JDBC is one of those that lets you perform querying from outside server environment (example Android apps, or anything that came from outside server). Unfortunately, there’s no workaround to these matter.

Thanks for your response,
Is remote database blocked even if I pay for the service?, do you know any other service that allows it?

Some (little portion of) provider may not provide Remote MySQL support, even if it’s paid service. That’s why it’s always good idea to find out about the provider first before choosing them.

InfinityFree has some kind of partnership with iFastNet, so anything that comes with something extra – or just call it Premium – goes to iFastNet. Your best bet should be there.