Can't connect to Database

My website URL is:

I’m migrating my website from to the problem here now I’ve connection issue with the database. I’ve check the wp-config.php file and entered my database information correctly but it won’t work. I’ve also made a simple script Hanis Irfan - Welcome to my site to test the connection but it also doesn’t work. Any way to fix this?

I’m using this software: Wordpress

Additional information:

And, from “Unable to access phpMyAdmin”, but edited by me, if those solutions fail:

Ask on the forums for your database permissions to be reset

In some extreme cases, none of the suggestions on that link work. If that happens, it’s possible that the database permissions on your account have been corrupted, and will need to be reset. If you have tried all the methods on that link and still can’t access phpMyAdmin, please ask on the forum for staff to reset your database permissions.

How can I request for database reset?

Wait here some time for the Admin to do that. Sometimes he’s very busy that doesn’t check the forum for any topics and posts and does that next time.

Ooo if that so… Thank you very much, sir.

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Did you try the other fixes from the linked article about phpMyAdmin already?

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Yes, I’ve already tried it.

@Admin how to fix this problem? I’ve tried followong the FAQ.

Another thing, using your file manager editor frok phone is really annoyed me…Keyboard won’t pop up and can’t edit like normal text editor

Are you sure you followed all the steps? Did you really try to login to the control panel in private browsing mode and access phpMyAdmin from there? Because I just tried that, and I could access both of your database without any problems.

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