Can't connect my domain to InfinityFree

Hi, when I tried connecting my domain to InfinityFree, but the domain provider ( gave this error: “An error has occurred The specified nameserver is not responsible for this domain.” I contacted the domain provider but they said I needed to message the hosting provider. Because the domain was not currently correctly logged on to the target server. How can I fix this?

Your domain name provider is correct, our servers are not yet configured to handle your domain name. To add the necessary configuration, you must first add the domain name to a hosting account with us. But in order to add the domain name to a hosting account, the domain name must first be pointing to our nameservers. That’s a catch-22.

The issue is explained in more detail here, but in short, the only solution I can offer you right now is to ask your domain name provider to skip this check and change the nameservers anyways. Or to move the domain name to another registrar, of course.

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