Can't connect FTP

I just some hours as register account. Set 3 sites in there.
But I can’t connect FTP. Used 2 different programs and site File Manager.

Account FTP Host says:
Control Panel “More account settings” says: FTP host name

All FTP clients says: 421 Home directory not available - aborting
Control panel says:
Home Directory:
/home/vol13_3 /
but what is a space after 13_3???
I checked:
/home/vol13_3 /
nothing happened - 421 Home directory not available - aborting

I change one password for control panel, ftp and mysql… nothing

Sites was set ok, but I can’t change anything.

Can you give a real FULL FTP settings with home directory?
Web File Manager is not working.


I’m using this software
FileZilla, Total Commander

The Home Directory is not needed for a FTP client, and can safely be deleted.
However, even some time ago almost all the community experienced the same issue as you, and you have to wait until iFastNet resolves it.

Have you same problem with FTP? Can you check it?

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Not on my active accounts, with different Hosting Volumes (vol14_1 and vol15_7).
And however, my website is hosted on a different free hosting platform hosted in the cloud, so there aren’t FTP issues with my website, but some temporary downtimes here and there.

It looks like the hosting volume your account is on (vol13_3) is having some problems. I’ve reported this issue to iFastNet and hope they will solve it soon.

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Thank you very much.
Will check this.

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It works for now.
Many thanks to you :slight_smile:

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