Can't add domain: system reserved name error

Hey guys, I’m trying to create a new hosting account for my “” domain, but I receive this error: “support” is a system reserved name and cannot be used to host a website.

Any idea how to resolve this?

Are you trying to create or Or is it just targeting that bit of the domain name?

I’m trying to add “”, so not much relation to “support”!
no idea why the system doesn’t differentiate them!

@Admin: any idea what’s the issue?

I think that’s because your domain contains support.

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Why not use the word ‘help’?

don’t understand what you’re referring to!

The word “support” is blacklisted. It’s a simple character match validation, it’s not smart enough to tell whether your website is called “Support EQ”, “Suppor TEQ”, “Sup Porteq”, or something else. And to be honest, the first option seems most obvious to me.

What do you propose the system should differentiate? Because, as far as I can tell, the validation is doing exactly what it’s intended to do.


Like this: or help.(domain name here).co
The latter is a subdomain.

does it mean that no domain name containing “support” can be added to infinityfree platform? If that’s the case, infinityfree can’t provide service to thousands of domains out there. I’m asking since other host providers have no issue with this domain name.

But we can still provide our service to tens or hundreds of millions of other domains. Of the overall domains which exist in the world, not that many domains start with the world “support”.

No, they may not check for high risk domains or may not outright block such domains and only manually review them before or after they have been created. This is how we choose to do go about this. If we have to turn a few potential customers to deter many bad actors, that’s something we have to weigh.


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