Can't access wordpress admin

Installed wordpress with Softaculous and now I’m stuck. How do I get to the admin page?

No issue…try ??

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hmm… not for me. I’m getting the 404 error on chrome and edge.

It looks like a problem with your end since I can also see your login page just fine. Try clearing your browser cache or use another DNS resolver like from Cloudflare.

I saw this link in your address bar whereas it should be

I tried it with and without the “.php” just in case with no luck.

In Opera, it did this

different colour scheme
Also I noticed, all of the browsers are saying the site is not secure so is it some other security setting?
In chrome,

so the page has changed to a wordpress page now?

Tbh I don’t see any difference with the colour scheme in comparison with how your website looks like in Chrome and in Opera.

You’ll need to get an SSL certificate first and install it in the Control Panel. You’ll also need to force redirect all traffic to a secure http connection.
Relevant Knowledge Base articles that you should read:

What do you even mean?
If you meant about your login page URL is redirecting to a 404 page then your working login page is located here:


Also I did apply the “Educate” theme through install. Do you think that caused an issue?

Okay I’m not sure how but I think I just got into the admin page.

It’s working.
Just access this URL:


Please login to the client area, click Manage next to the hosting account and read the yellow banner that’s roughly in the middle of the screen.

It takes up to 72 hours for new domain to start working everywhere. Your account was created today, so that’s probably the reason why you don’t see the site yet. Please click the “Learn more” link in the client area for more information and workarounds.


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