Can't access website


When I try to access my website I get a message saying that the site sent an invalid response and the above error message. What’s going on?

Do you have an SSL certificate on your site? If you don’t this is certainly a possible error. You can try accessing it through the plain HTTP version or get an SSL cert from


They do not have an SSL certificate on their site. I am actually getting a notice about it being insecure before visiting it.

What browser are you on?

I’m using Chrome

I am using Chrome. So how do I get an SSL certificate, then?

Oh, that page doesn’t look familiar @Razr7315

@JLT999, go here:

I commonly see that screen on sites without SSL, not all of the time though.

OK. That looks complicated. How do I actually install the certificate, or whatever the right terminology is. Is there a set of instructions anywhere?

It’s not that complicated at all. Visit the link (, choose a provider, and follow the on-screen instruction. “Installing” is the correct word.

That page looks like one from a virus scanner or network filtering tool of some kind. The “This site might compromise your device” warning makes me think about Google Safe Browsing. But this might be a competing service, because your subdomain isn’t listed by Google.

I don’t know that page, and it’s definitely not from us.

I get it kind of commonly when browsing. This is the first time I’ve seen it on a site hosted with InfinityFree.

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