Can't access website (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)

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This site can’t be reached, took to long to respond. (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT)

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One of my websites (stated above) isn’t working, the other two are working just fine. First I was unable to save changes in the File Manager, I tried to refresh the tab and it said something like “can’t read variable etc.” after that I can no longer open the file manager or connect using FileZilla.

I also tried changing my internet connection but to no avail.

I hope you guys can help. Thanks in advance.

The IP is down. You need to wait


Thanks for the reply! :grinning:

What could be the reasons why it went down? And how long does it usually take to get back up?

There could be a lot of reasons. Most of the time is due to DDOS attack.

Once the attack ceased


Is there anything I can do to prevent the same stuff from happening in the future?




Ok then, I’ll just wait for it to come back up. I’ll mark this thread solved when it does.

Thanks a lot for the help @KangJL

Hello again, I think there are lots of others experiencing the same issue as mine.

Is it possible that we’re getting flagged and blocked by the security again similar to when accounts were automatically suspended?

no - if you are suspended, then the suspended page is displayed


Oh, ok. Then I guess the most plausible reason is DDoS just like KangJL said.

Thanks for replying :sparkles:

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I can access my site and my file manager now, Though I haven’t tried to connect with FileZilla yet.

Thank you guys from InfinityFree :infinity:

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