Can't access to my site just epizy home page

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
Hello to the community
I can’t acces to te site i just have epizy home page . i read on the knowledge base some post & i try to put .htaccess in the htdocs folder and it the same
what is wrong
can somebody help me please ? i tank you in advance

I’m using this software:

website bulder blocs 3
ftp Filezilla

Additional information:


For me it works:

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thanks for your reply but i don’t understand … i create it yesterday
i create also another site on .rf.dg for other projet and this one working
epizy not working

i change nothing & it work’s now
thank’s a lot

It is because of DNS propogation, that is why you had to wait for a while.

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