Can't access softacolous, and change/upload php file will be empty when saved

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i can’t access softacolous, and change the php code, and upload, if i change and save, the file will be empty,
For example, I changed the wp-config.php code, after saving, the file became empty, I uploaded a backup wp-config.php but it remained empty. as a result my site became blank. Please help, thank you

You have an HTTP 500 error, witch means your PHP code crashed. Please turn on PHP errors in order to find out what the issue is. Also, if you are editing the file on the online file manager, it sometimes only shows a white screen, but the file is still there. You should use filezilla instead. What are your trying to change in the wp-config file?


there is no 500 http error notification, on the web only a white screen caused by an empty wp-config.php file.
in wp-config I want to modify the multisite code.
i have tried using filezilla but its still the same.
I also can’t create a new folder in cpanel, and whatever we upload or change will cause the file size to be 0 kb, I suspect that hosting has been limited, I don’t know why and there’s also no notification of problems with hosting.
notes: the cause of the problem is a file that cannot be edited / becomes empty when edited or uploaded, not an error code in wp-config.php

Yes, there is a HTTP 500.

Maybe you should read this:


Um, PHP files are amways blank on the web since PHP is a backend language.

Where are you trying to make the folder, and what you you calling it?

As said previously, PHP files that are not meant to show a page, * won’t show a page*. The config file is to configure the rest of Wordpress, not show something itself. If you visit your domain, you will find an HTTP 500 error, most likely from an invalid code in the config file.

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thanks for the hint, after i read it at Why are my files deleted after uploading them

for file sizes all follow the provisions.
but what I’m confused about is when we open the file without changing any code, just open it and press save, the file will change to 0 kb, the code is deleted/empty

How big is the file, and what is its location?

Did you try FileZilla? That can produce errors for us.


file size is 4 kb,
please help me, i will give you hosting access if needed

Can you show the contents of the “/htdocs” directory?

Also, copy and paste the contents of the wp-config file here.


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i have tried directly via cpanel, and have also tried filezilla but it doesn’t work

Hum, interesting. I don;t really know what to say. I had that problem before, and my solution was to wait it out.

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I have tried, even in the file that was normal, when we open it without changing the code, just open it and save it, the file will automatically be empty and the size will be 0 kb

the file either becomes empty or the code is lost. previously the web page was fine, when the wp-config file went blank the web page became a white screen

in htdoc

it’s true that the cause of blank web pages contains invalid code, maybe even there is no code (wp-config is just an empty file without any code)
the problem can’t be fixed in cpanel, because when I save the file it becomes empty

Download the file with FileZilla, than copy its contents here. The filemannager may just be showing a blank page, it does that sometimes.

never ask the user for it !

because it contains very sensitive data inside


it doesn’t matter, because the site is already down, thank you

i’ve done that, but it keeps going back to 0kb

thank you all for your response, sorry if my english is bad

is your problem solved? how long did you wait?