Can't access site after manually updating WordPress

After manually updating WordPress, when accessing my site, this error shows up:

This page isn’t working is currently unable to handle this request.

I’m also unable to access /wp-admin
It only directs me to Directory Listing

Please help. I watched and read several tutorials on how to fix it, but nothing works.

How about this?

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After configuring php directives, this appears when accessing my site.

This is what the line 33 contains. I’ve seen an answer in StackOverflow about deleting the line. But after deleting it, new error are showing about the next lines

You messed up your WordPress files. Hope you have a backup! You could do a fresh install from softaculous, next time, please update through softaculous.

I fixed it. Lol. Sorry, it’s just me being a dumbass again. I retransferred all the needed files from the WordPress package and headed to /wp-admin/upgrade.php

Everything’s fine now.

Thanks, btw. I didn’t know I could update WordPress through Softaculous.


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