Cant access my wp-admin page

Hi there, i made a reset my wp and now i haven’t access in my wp-admin, show me this error . ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS
I am A beginner i dont know what goes wrong. My page is

Your domain is not on infinityfree, it is on namecheaps servers, please change your nameservers to and, also your page shows blank because it is

Namecheap URL Forward

Meaning it is still of your registars servers.

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I had my domain in infinityfree, after i made account in cloudflare and i changed nameservers in namecheap again. My wp works normally but i wanted to make it reset but after this reset i cant open wp-admin for this i changed again my nameservers in namecheap, that it was my mistake but now i had put the right nameservers in namecheap but after enough time the problem exsist. I believe the problem is the. htaccess but now i try to use file manager from infinityfree and doesnt connect. I need help i dont know what is the problem. Maybe i should change a host, i am very disappointed about infinityfree.

Sorry, Many people are experiencing FTP issues, I am sure something will be announced soon.

No man no need to change the host. Well do it if you find any better host (FREE) than infinityfree.

Well Said and the ftp issue will be resolved in about a few hours;

From IFastNet I got the response;

Hi there,

There is a known issue with FTP/File manager, please allow a few hours for this to be resolved.

Thank you and stay safe !

Please let us know if there is anything we can do.

Best Regards

This is not an FTP issue but an SSL issue.

@Yiannis1991, you have set up https in an incorrect way and Infinityfree has done nothing wrong. Please could you give more detail so we know what you’ve done.

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I cant wait more, ok this host is free but if they can’t offer a desent service maybe it would better to look how they will improve their servise.

Listen, InfinityFree is the best free hosting service till the date as far as I know. And @Admin has made these forums so that people can get solutions here by helping each other and any new suggestions are always welcomed and it is taken for the development of InfinityFree for future.

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@Yiannis1991 please understand that you haven’t looked at the knowledgebase and you have configured your settings in a wrong way. Read these guides:


The cost of maintenance is undertaken by iFastNet, which is doing it for free for you. You understand that for free how much they do. And to maintain free services, they constantly upgrade their servers, and these errors are fine in upgrading.

Sorry but i am a beginner and i am disappointed. I had certificated ssl by cloudfare, after i installed cloudflare ssl certificate plugin and with this way i secured my wp. Yesterday i made a reset in my wp and from this time i cant open my wp-admin page. After i change my nameservers name in namecheap(these which infinityfree gave me) and i had delete my site from cloudflare. Sorry for my bad english, i am from Cyprus.

I can completely understand your concern. But as far as I know, Cloudflare makes most of the issues. To resolve them for wp-admin, install the Cloudflare plugin for Wordpress.

Flexible SSL plugin by One Dollar something like that.
It will resolve the issue.

No, use this guide:

Thanks for the answer, i will try to get certified from infinityfree, i didnt know that infinity gives this option for this i made it by cloudflare. Finally it was mistake, i hope to solve my problem.

If the problem is solved, please click the ‘solution’ button on the reply that helped you the most.
Glad to help you.

I have request for ssl, how much time need to take this?

Usually it is fufilled as soon as the system verifys your cname records, which can take up to 76 hours to be visible.

24 hrs at most to get an ssl.

now i wait or i made something wrong?