Can't access my cpanel

**My website URL is:**

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

please help me what to do I can access my vista panel but not cpanel

Where did you find that cpanel? InfinityFree has client area and vpanel only.

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Maybe it was the cPanel session of the Softaculous Apps Installer? @bhavesh24, if so please make sure your IP doesn’t change during the cPanel session, and if the password does also contain special characters, on the login screen that will appear, click on “Login” again and it should login.

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How to prevent change in ip address ?
When I try to enter my wordpress admin pahe then it shows the cpanel and I don’t know it’s password

It’s showing this

To access my website I have to login first in the cpanel but how ???

To access Softaculous, you need to login to the control panel at and click the Softaculous button there. The account bridging between the control panel and Softaculous goes through cPanel, yes. But you cannot login to that cPanel directly, either to access Softaculous or manage your website.

Accessing the control panel can be done by logging in directly or by clicking the Control Panel buttons in the client area.

And you should also be able to login to your website directly. While Softaculous has a one click admin login button, you can also login to your admin area using the details you entered when you installed the software.


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