Can't access FTP or Control panel

I was uploading a website to my host when suddenly it disconnected my FTP account and the password isn’t being accepted anymore noting that I’m using the password that is shown on the website under FTP Details, it’s showing on Control Panel the following error message Your password is too short! please use a minimum of 6 characters and a maximum of 20 and on FTP is saying error log in

Thank you in advance


Patience is appreciated!


it seems like something is wrong with infinityfree today, it’s usually running smoothly hope they fix it soon

Same here it’s a general issue

same here

I also got the same thing

Does this always happen? Because I was thinking to pay here but now I think again

Welcome! Nope, these issues don’t happen too much, and you will almost never have these issues if you upgrade!


so we should upgrade to premium to solve this issue or do you mean usually on the free memberships this only happens?
I think due to server loads maybe, anyways hope this will be fixed soon I love this hosting platform

Upgrading to premium will get you higher limits and such. Most outages affect free hosting only, so you will have less downtime as well.

This downtime however, was caused by an attack, not overloading (Although I guess the attack overloaded the servers, so you are correct).


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