Cant access ftp/file manager or my website

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epiz_28673028 (my web site) - InfinityFree - Google Chrome
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I am trying to upload a verification file to my website to verify my ownership to setup gsweet.
but I cant access my ftp so I tri to access my files using file manager.
but I cant access that as well
wen I tri to access ftp it says invalid username or password. but every thing is correct.
and the file manager asked me to login which it never did before.
then I check my website but I cant access that as well.
any idea what is wrong?
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Please see the pinned topic(s) before posting.

hai but that doesn’t explain why i can’t access FTP

There are other people on the form complaning of that issue. I will add it to the pinned topic for others. I suspect it’s part of the issue as well.


hi thanks

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