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404 not found
(please share the FULL error message you see, if applicable)

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I uploaded the html and mhtml file via ftp, and when I logged in, a 404 not found error appeared, even though I checked permissions. and thank you


Welcome to the forum.

If you log in to your InfinityFree account and go to your account you should see your website IP address. What is it?

The IP is, but that does not matter. You want to look at the hosting volume for the upgrade.

@Necro_PC - can you provide the hosting volume of your account? Also, I see a 403 error on your website, not a 404.


Got it. Thanks.

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Sorry for the delay, this is vol15_5

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If I go to the file, for example,, I can’t access it and error 404 appears even though I uploaded the file correctly via ftp

That’s because you aren’t meant to go to, but


but if the folder is not in htdocs folder ?

Htdocs is the root directory, you shouldn’t be able to upload any files outside it.


As said by @Ziverre above, htdocs is your website’s root directory, anything outside it is automatically deleted (which I guess is the reason you cannot see them):


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