Can't access anything on domain

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I only see commercials and nothing from my htdocs folder

Other Information

Hi I am trying to setup my website but nothing shows… I have installed Laravel and also tried my own website in the htdocs folder but nothing shows. Not with .htaccess or without… can’t reach any directories or get anything to work… please help thank you

This is what i see:

Try this:


also the address you mentioned uses HTTPS
and you don’t have a certificate installed
therefore, during the visit (check) please use the HTTP version.


Hi all, thank you for your answers. The problem was that I had waited 1 week before for domain propagation and still the commercial ads were showing only. Yesterday, i removed and re-added the domain to the hosting account and this seems to have fixed whatever was inexplicably wrong.
And yes, the ssl certificate needs to be added but this was not the issue.
I am glad it’s working, thank you:)


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