Can't access admin email due to removal of free email hosting




I’m trying to update the SSL Certificate on my site and I’ll need access to the email connected to my WHOIS which was [email protected]

But suddenly I see emails services have been canceled. How am I supposed to access my admin email now? I don’t really care about using the old email. If I can change my admin email that WHOIS is pointing to one of my gmail accounts that would be fine. But how am I supposed to do that?

The simple answer is: you don’t.

You can use a 3rd Party Email provider if you need to access the email, but if your getting an SSL Cert why not just use the InfinityFree SSL Tool?


“You can use a 3rd Party Email provider if you need to access the email”
What do you mean by this and how would I do this?

I’m renewing my ssl certificate via comodo and I’ve already purchased the ssl certificate but it says they will only send it to one of the following image

It looks like the super privacy service is actually the one on my WHOIS. I never set up an email @superprivacyservice

That makes me wonder, I’m using dynadot for my domain service. Could dynadot be obscuring my email? So if I actually send the cert to that email would it actually forward that to the account liked to dynadot?

as far as I can tell I have access to all the email accounts related to my domain provider dynadot.

But IDK if I’m able to send this email a second time if it turns out @superprivacyservice doesn’t send to my actual email.

Use this to create your custom email…


Do you have some kind of WHOIS/ID/Privacy Protection enabled? If so, that explains why that email is in your WHOIS instead of your registrant contact email. Those addresses usually forward to your actual contact email. But it depends on your domain registrar, so ask them if you want to be sure.


Looks like this was the case, the @superprivacyservice sent to my actual email. So I was able to get it all working.


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