Cannot validate recaptcha v2

A while ago my page recaptcha runs smoothly. Then it suddenly reads NULL response from google verification when google actually response with a success status when I look at the developer tool the console prints this:

Cross-Origin Read Blocking (CORB) blocked cross-origin response with MIME type text/html. See Chrome Platform Status for more details.

What could be the issue and how to fix it? Thank you :slight_smile:

The reason you see this error is because you’re trying to include our 404 page into your website. And, as the 404 error implies, that means that whatever URL you’re trying to load is not working.

Seeing how it coincides with reCAPTCHA not working anymore, can you double check that any Javascript files related to the reCAPTCHA integration are still on your account, are still working and you’re using the right URLs?

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actually I’m not including any page … even the 404 page …

I’m have check the URL where I send the reCaptcha response and it is returning the right value it also work on my localhost but suddenly not on the server it receives NULL when actually the URL returns a JSON. As a mentioned earlier everything works fine since I installed the captcha until today.

I tried doing sample on my localhost using new recaptcha key and it works fine…

I assumed that you were using the v3 reCAPTCHA, which does require more extensive Javascript code, and that the null you saw was generated in the Javascript, not the PHP. If that’s not the cars, the CORS error you shared above is completely unrelated, and probably not relevant.

As for why your PHP code doesn’t work, I don’t know. I can’t think of anything we did (or even could do) to break your code like this.

Is the snippet in the screenshot also what you’re running on your hosting account? If so, which function or variable is null?

I’m using recaptcha v2 …

on the code snippet the $response should return a JSON but instead it returns a NULL value.
But when I access the actual URL it returns a JSON.

I did some debugging and found some interesting things.

First of all, $response doesn’t contain null but false. That’s an important distinction, because false means that file_get_contents encountered an error.

I did some debugging, and with cURL I was able to get some kind of SSL error from the connection. It might be that Google changed their SSL ciphers recently causing reCAPTCHA to break. But since this appears to affect most if not all accounts, I’m going to escalate this.


sorry for that cause when I try to print it out it outputs null … btw Thank you for your response
can I do something about that ? or I just have to wait? Thank you again Admin

iFastNet confirmed that this was an issue, and they’re planning to update PHP and the underlying libraries to fix this issue next week.


Thank you @Admin :smiley:

@Admin, any updates on recaptcha ? thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry not yet. Will check it with iFastNet in the next few days.

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Ok thank you @Admin :slight_smile:

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