Cannot upload Wordpress zip file or directory

UN: [epiz_33036948]

I’ve tried uploading a zipped Wordpress folder for a new install, but the server seems to not want to accept the file. If I upload the file as a zip file using the Filemanager, it hangs at around 11.6MB. If I upload it as a folder, it says my quota has been exceeded (I have 0 MB in use!).

I tried uploading via FTP, and the file transfer completes, but then the file is deleted immediately for some reason. No errors were given.

I am uploading to the correct folder: /htdocs

Any idea why I can’t upload a WP zip file? A small JPG seemed to work OK.

Welcome to the forum.

InfinityFree has a 10MB upload limit.

To upload it, please unzip the file and upload the content using FileZilla.


Thank you for the quick replies.

OK, I understand that I can’t use the web interface because of the MB upload limit, however, even when I use my FTP account, the file is being deleted.

I double-checked, and I most certainly am uploading to the htdocs folder:

Status: File transfer successful, transferred 24,369,959 bytes in 16 seconds
Status: Retrieving directory listing of /htdocs…
Status: Directory listing of /htdocs successful

Thanks all. Uploading Wordpress as an unzipped folder seemed to do the trick – the files weren’t immediately deleted.

Looks like problem solved.

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The 10 MB limit is the file size limit on our hosting. It’s not a limit of the web based file manager, you simply cannot store any file larger than 10 MB on our hosting, regardless of how you’re uploading it.


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