Cannot Upload index2.html to the FTP

Username: epiz_31983292

I’m trying to upload a simple file into the FTP of a free website, But when I try to do so with FTP, It replies with ‘No permission’ and it does the same with the FTP stated in your website.

Error Message

e : 200 TYPE is now ASCII
Commande : PASV
Réponse : 227 Entering Passive Mode (185,27,134,11,187,233)
Commande : STOR index2.html
Réponse : 553 Can’t open that file: Permission denied

Hi and welcome to the forum

The index2.html file is not owned by your user account, but by the system root user.
That file is a placeholder so that you know your site is up. Otherwise, you would only see an empty directory list. That file is supposed to be deleted, and a new custom index.html, index.htm or index.php file needs to be created.


So, Should I delete it and replace it with an index.html?


Yes, that’s right.


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