Cannot upload files over 1mb

I was under the impression that the limit was 10mb, not 1mb, how can I upload >1mb files? When I upload it it just gets deleted automatically, if I edit it so make it smaller than 1mb it works.

There are a few reasons while files might be automatically deleted. All the (known) reasons are documented here:

The 10 MB file size limit is one reason, but definitely not the only reason, why files might get deleted.

None of these are met, file always worked until it reached 1MB in size, where it stopped working. It does not contain malware, it’s an html, it’s not bigger than 10MB, and I upload it with a bunch of other files(all smaller than 1MB) which all work except this specific one, definitely inside the htdocs folder.

So it's one specific file which cannot be uploaded? You could upload similar files, but now you've added some extra content, it doesn't work anymore?

It sounds like the "malware" reason from the article applies to the file. Whatever content you've added may have triggered the malware filters.

Do you experience this same issue if you upload other HTML files larger than 1 MB, but with similar content?

No, I did not add extra content - it works if I remove content(it doesn’t matter which part of it) to make it under 1 MB, but if I don’t remove content it doesn’t work. I can upload the full >1MB file on another ftp host, but just not infinityfree’s.

Yes, I just tried it and I do experience the same issue if I upload other HTML files larger than 1 MB.

Can you please upload the HTML file to a file or code sharing site and share the link here? That way, I can check the file and see what the issue might be.

Yes, I can tell this file is automatically being deleted, waiting for Admin’s suspections.

Yes, I confirm the issue happened to me as well.

I had this issue checked by a server admin, and it turns out that this is intentional.

While there is a global file size limit of 10 MB, there are lower limits for certain file types based on what "normal" sizes for such files are.

On .html files, this limit is 1 MB, because .html files that big are uncommon. Most websites prefer smaller HTML files, for various reasons. HTML files are typically not cached, meaning these big files are quite harsh on slower (mobile) connections in terms of performance and quota usage. And since screens are a finite size, it's typically better for user experience to split the content into separate pages (e.g. turning the November page into a simple list of games and have the details on other pages).

Regardless, this limit cannot be increased. If restructuring the content is not an option, then all I can recommend is to move your website to premium hosting, which doesn't have limits like this.

Split content by few html’s and include them via ftp?