Cannot upload 40mb index file

Username: epiz_31336839 /

Error Message

None, the file does not appear or was deleted directly after it was uploaded.

Other Information

I am a game developer. I wanted to use this service to share the web-version of my projects with a small circle of testers, since I don’t want to upload my projects to itch (just) yet.
It appears that, despise infinityfree offering 5GB of arbitrary webspace, there is a max file amount, which is neither mentioned in the statistics or the FAQ.

I am using the godot engine which exports a pretty big .wasm and a pretty big .pck file, which cannot be split into smaller chuncks.

there is a 10MB file size limit per file, possible less for html

why is your files so large ?



Please note that InfinityFree is a webhosting service, not a file sharing service. Please use a website meant for filesharing, like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


from infinityfree’s main page i found the info and a link that explains the size limits

scroll the page down and click on the “see all support articles” button
then click on file managment and ftp
then you see “Why are my files deleted after uploading them”


I explained that already. I am a game developer, the game is written in Javascript and playable in the browser. Assets have a certain size.

I am well aware. This is why I was using a webhosting service, and not a file hoster, since I am hosting a website.

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.wasm and .pck are not website files. You can host the website itself here, then just use a link to Google Drive, Dropbox, etc to download the files.


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