Cannot Submit Domain To FACEBOOK

why my subsriptions on facebook are being rejected.
i add thesse domain

and i have made subdomain under those domain.

when i submit those domain and subdomain to facebook, it was rejected due to the Standard Communication issues.

Can you explain why this is happened to my domain and sites while I use your free hosting service. If I upgrade to premium will it be solved ?

What should I do now.

Thank you for support.
have a nice day of working.
I appreciate high prized for you answer…

~ dear yours

I’m sorry, but I can’t explain this. Facebook is blocking your domain name, so Facebook should be able to explain this. We don’t block any domain from being posted anywhere.

I cant use that kind of domain inside facebook.
Even domains are blocked…
Just buy a domain, or use domain that should be fine.

What I knew is .site are domain extension which is valid as valid as dot com.
Even , dot site is sometimes offered at higher price compare to dot com extention.
It should be conclude that dot site will be accepted as good as dot com.

or it because of my domain is being parked in free service ??? How if I ugrade to premium ? will facebook accept my subscription ?

may any body have same experience with me…


NO !

please use this tool

You have to make sure you satisfy all the conditions

If rejected - you have there a link to appeal and then the administrator (living entity) will check and approve it or not

In any case you need to contact FB

The first problem is that your domain has a 301 redirection to subdomain
(it immediately looks suspicious)

and = empty - dir listing

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it mean , I should create index page on main domain ?
and refuse rediriton to ?
what one is satisfy to facebook in the case I submit posts, wether or just ?

I have contacted my domain regsitrar but till now there is no certain solution…

i hope now on you…

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in the case i submit it was not rejected by fb.

I can only speculate why FB has qualified your domains and subdomains as inappropriate
I have no insight into their BOT, algorithms it uses and how it works (It’s probably a secret)

So please don’t take my suspicions as the truth
best is if you can contact FB and ask what you can do…

Maybe you did everything right, but the AI simply made a mistake

Nowadays there is a lot of spam and fake users
Example :

A few days ago the Twitter suspended my acc…
I tried to be fair and I returned follow to anyone who followed me :hugs:

and after when I wrote the appeal to that decision thay enabled it…
It turned out that I was just follow also some BOT’s
So AI automatically qualified my acc as an artificial also :roll_eyes:

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