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cannot see any A record inside the client area/dnsrecords
it has been 6 hrs after the creation of the website

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There are none there by default, are you trying to create some?

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The A records in the client area are just dummy records that show your website IP. However, we’re currently experience an issue that results in these A records not being loaded in the client area.

Fortunately, the dummy data in the client area is just that: dummy data. It doesn’t affect what’s actually published on your domain name, or whether it’s online or not.

As for whether your website is not working.

Please note that it can take up to 72 hours for a newly created domain to be visible everywhere due to DNS caching. It’s just how the internet works and we cannot speed that up, but there are some workarounds you can try to see your own site.


working now



The issue is fixed thankyou

something has changed, today I see this

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Ya I Started Working On The Website But The SSL is not showing up tho

Your SSL is working for me. Try using to see if your site works.

If not, it is possible that the browser cached something: try to use Ctrl + F5 or incognito mode.

Or you are talking about forcing the HTTPS:


After I bypassed the Safe Browsing warnings, I also got a big problem: mixed content!

When a page is loaded under HTTPS, even the assets must be loaded from HTTPS. Since you wrote the code yourself, and only one source is still on HTTP on the home page, you’ll still have to change every unsecure asset URL on your website code itself, and do that for every page that doesn’t have them; but if you don’t want to change the website code to fix that, even adding a header should work; so create a .htaccess file on your htdocs folder or, if it already exists, edit that adding this as well:

Header always set Content-Security-Policy "upgrade-insecure-requests"

i thought the google safe browsing warning was beacause of the ssl
i have added your line to htaccess file

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