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I have uploaded an html code index file (named index.html) to the HTDOCS folder for my account, but I do not know how to make that html content show up on the actual web page – when I go there, all I see are the words “Directory Listing” and Name, Last Modified, Size and Description over two horizontal lines on a gray background. Basically, I can’t figure out how to make the html content show up on the page itself. I have never used your version of File Manager before; the version I used on a different hosting site last year looked very different, and did not forward to a page with “Monsta” at the top. If there is a good tutorial for how to use this file manager, please point me to it. Thanks.

Hello there!
Can you paste the code of the .htaccess along with the index.html file so we can have a look?

I don’t even know what “.htaccess” is. (In fact, I never had heard of even an “htdocs” folder before signing up here – at my last two hosting sites, I just uploaded files into a publichtml folder, and they showed up on the domain. So I’m completely new at everything here.

There’s a directory outside htdocs called, upload content of your site in htdocs of that folder.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


That made the page show up online, but now I have a new problem: all kinds of unwanted symbols and code at the top and bottom of the page. No idea how to get rid of them; none of those characters are in the html file. Any ideas? (The html text of the file simply begins with and ends with ).

At the end of that last post, I tried to say the text file begins with < html > and ends with < / html > (except with no spaces), but both showed up as blank because they apparently were regarded as instructions. Hope this way works, with the spaces added, to show what I meant.

Also, neither the Edit link in the pull-down menu on the File Manager page, nor the Show Editor command at the bottom of that page, are of any use – I get only a blank white screen when I click either of them. (I am running Chrome on a Chromebook, if that matters.)

Update: I managed to get rid of the extra code at top and bottom by saving the text file using Unicode formatting. So at least that is taken care of!

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