Cannot reply over email (No Such User)

Hello, I’ve noticed something about this forum… :thinking:

When I attempt to reply to a PM, post, or reply over email, I am met with the following bounce back (rejected message response)


What I’m assuming is that the “reply via email” option is turned off, and it causes Gmail to think that the email address does not exist!

If that’s not it, why can’t I reply to a PM, post, or reply over email?

Reply by email is disabled. Also, you should really notice the email address: [email protected], the keyword being noreply.


Oh, so the cause is what I suspected (the reply by email option being disabled)!

But why is the option disabled, have people abused it in the past? Or did the admin who set up this website decide “let’s leave that option off”?

I don’t know, but it was most likely left of for ease of administration, speed, and security. It is a nice-to-have, but I can see how it would cause more harm than good.


Nope, probably due to more processes of checking emails, accepting thousands of emails and all. Think like this:

you are a postman, got a thousand letter to sort and add the reply to the database for the specific post.


Huh? Why would it be due to that?

This is a support forum, and generally, to support people, you need to know as much info as possible. The way replies work, the emails sometimes do not contain everything, and code is certainly not formatted properly in them.

By forcing you to reply here, it prevents duplicate replies, replies without good content, and responses that are just plain wrong.


Imagine having to read and answer emails, AND the posts on this forum. It is much easier to just force them to use this forum, like you said.

Also, yeah, email doesn’t really have markdown.

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