Cannot rename or delete folders via ftp client

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  • Earlierly i was unable to install woocommerce (bad gateway ) ,so i tried ftp uploading. Then i saw unsuccessful folder exists. I tried remove it. But not.

Then renamed and uploaded newer. However newer version activated but not work in frontend,site still blanked.

Problem is now i cannot delete ,rename or install any folder,file.

If you can please manually delete (woocommercen) folder in plugin folder., and install wordpress for me.

Only you can do it

Changing File/Directory Permissions

  1. Right-click on the file/directory
  2. Select File Permissions…
  3. Using the checkboxes set your new permissions
  4. Click OK

Remember, never go below 600 or you will not be able to make changes to the file yourself.

Make sure file/directory permission is above 600


Are You Install Wordpress to infinityfree
Please First uninstall wordpress plugin and try again

That’s because you set the directory permissions to 000, meaning nobody can edit them.

I can’t delete the folder for you, but you can work around this by removing the domain from your account and then adding it again as an Addon Domain. That way, the domain will be assigned to a different htdocs folder, leaving you free to install a fresh copy of WordPress.


Ok i will do it.

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