Cannot Remove Domain - Email Error

You currently have email addresses created on this domain, these will need to be removed <a href=‘/panel/indexpl.php?option=emailaccounn ts&ttt=-7201560733136358912’?>here</a> before the domain can be removed

Hi I’ve tried to remove my domain and this error keeps popping up. I have checked the emails and there are none. Tried to use the HTML link but it is invalid as well. Ultimately, I want to keep my domain on Infinity Free, but something is terribly wrong with the SSL feature on this account.

My URL is and the SSL certificate is working now and did take a while to load. Looks like my main concern about the SSL certificate is fixed and I don’t really want to remove my domain, however, this error message regarding the Email Account(s) may still be concerning to some. Thank you!

Like the message says “you currently have email addresses created on this domain”. This includes both email accounts and email forwarders.

I know the message is confusing when it only links to email accounts, but you need to remove both the email accounts and email forwarders (of which you still have some) in order to remove the domain.

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