Cannot reach website PLEASE HELP ADMIN?!

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: an error from google saying: "This site cant be reached. refused to connect ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

I’m using this software: Google Chrome.

Additional information:
I havent changed anything. I was just opening the website. My website is also not suspended

I hope you can help me!

Can annybody please help me?

It seems this may be site wide as my site is also down. There seems to be some type of issue connecting with the Database.

Yeah. i think so beqause my other website urls are also down

I have the same problem as you…

my website not working…

I have exactly the same problem with the same error message. Sometimes I also get this error message:

I also cannot login to FTP. On File Zilla the server allows the password to be sent but then it wont do anything else. Possibly server wide DDos attack?

I cant login to ftp either. It says FTP authentication failed

Hopefully it is up once the ops are up and running in the morning. Likely some criminal deleted a file in the system and crashed it.

If the operators are in the UK then they will probably be up in a few hours as it is about 8am there.

yeah okay. Im in the Netherlands now and here its 8:49

Also cant login to FTP. Getting this message

If they are in Brighton with the server then maybe the weather knocked out the power again, they had issues earlier in the month with a power outage so maybe the wet weather warning issues last night is related… yellow rain warning

They open at 9am I think so give it an couple hours.

same problem with my website

Still nothing happend. Its about 9.15 now in uk

Me, too. Maybe there are some problems with their servers.

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Are they awake yet?

I can’t also access my website, because it gives me a Cloudflare Error 521. I hope iFastNet will fix this soon.

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And the site ( is back online again. Thanks guys!

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Has anyone received a reply from support about this?. My site has been down with a cloudfare error 521 since yesterday and no access to the file manager. I spent 5 days working on the site, customizing CSS Breezing forms, and many other parts of the site… now… NO access to nothing. It may be free, but if this is common then Its not encouraging me to pay for their service once im fully up and running with my sire right.