Cannot move free domain htdocs into addon domin htdocs folder

1)I’ve set up addon for my free subdomain and I want to get the same website content via clicking the addon domain name (content from free subdomain name)

but when I am trying to copy all folders and files into my addons main htdocs it does not paste all of the folders that I marked to copy.

Am I doing it right? If not, Could you please suggest me how to make addon domain as main website without loosing database.

  1. While backuping the database of website there is occurring an error, can’t get backup.

Hello there,

You’re probably experiencing this issue because of the current FTP issue.
Could you please check this out:

Also if you want to copy and past many files from your subdomain to your main domain, I suggest you use Filezilla or other FTP client softwares.


Moving lots of files with a web based file manager is a recipe for disaster. It’s highly recommended to use a desktop FTP client for this instead.


I have moved certain folders and files via Filezilla but while opening addon dns it shows nothing.

After moving all folders and files into addon will it automatically connect to last database?

If you moved files into the folder of your domain name, then those files will be loaded for that domain. If those files happen to connect to a database, then they will continue to do so.

What shows nothing? And what does nothing look like? An error page? A blank page? A directory listing? The inside of a black hole?


I’ve fixed problem, the problem was with domain service.

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