Cannot login via ftp X multiple clients

Username epiz_32561131

Error Message none noted

Other Information I’ve tried to access the files on my site via ftp using several clients and none of them can connect. I’ve also tried changing passwords and using the alternative domain “” like I’d seen in a help tutorial I’d found in search. I still cannot connect to my site using ftp. Thanks.


Does anything in this article help?

If not, please share the logs from FileZilla:


That is the article I was referring to. No, nothing from the article helped. I used notepad++ with nppftp. I had also used something similar in mac before moving over the this windows machine to try to connect to it. I’ll keep looking to see what kind of logs are accessible on notepad++

I don’t understand why, but after downloading filezilla and using that, it connected. I tried several other ftp clients and not a single one of them would connect. I really hoped to be able to use an ftp plugin and edit files directly via ftp. But, I’m guessing that’s not going to work with this account?

A plug-in? Like for WordPress? Yeah that is probably not going to work here.

The online file manager will work for small loads, but not big ones.

Additionally, you should always do your file editing locally, so you always have a backup of your file just in case something happens.


FTP is FTP. If it works with FileZilla, it means that FTP is working. If it doesn’t work with another FTP client, then it’s either a configuration issue or a bug with the other client.

+10 for this. Long ago I lost about a day of work because I also thought that editing files directly over FTP was a good idea. Then the FTP connection did something weird and ended up saving an empty file. And all my work was gone.

Using a plugin to publish your code when you’re ready is no problem. But editing directly over FTP is a recipe for disaster.


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