Cannot login to word press

My website URL is: This issue is relating to my sub domain:

What I’m seeing is: This page isn’t working
If the problem continues, contact the site owner.

I’m using this software: Word press.

Additional information: When I go to this happens. I can go to and its fine. What seems to be happening here?

508 means the page is reaching process limit.

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@anon19508339, not that. It also happens because you configured badly WordPress with Cloudflare Flexible SSL and HTTPS URLs and access wp-login.php manually after that, but the HTTP ERROR 508 returned result is the browser’s one and not the server’s one.

@thetechguy, if you use Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL, I posted a guide about how to fix that 5 months ago on the following article. Please read that:


I’ve seen 508 error like this on my site too. that’s why.


Maybe it was on your part with Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL or you reached the limit of PHP processes with the browser’s returned error, while @thetechguy doesn’t have the PHP processes-related error, but is part of a bad configuration of Cloudflare’s Flexible SSL and WordPress. So, if he’s reading this topic right now, I suggest my solution.

Hi there,
Is the error for full ssl in cloudflare fixed? because the only reason why it is on flexible is because of that 525 error.

The self-signed SSL problem is still not fixed. We should wait some more until the self-signed certificate turns back on their servers, or you can still install a SSL certificate, generated either from the “SSL Certificates” section of the Client Area or from some other service, on your hosting account.

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dam, seriously? When I use the ssl in the control pannel, do I have to turn off the cloudflare ssl flexible thing?

After installing the SSL certificate on your hosting account for all your domains, you can set the SSL option to whatever you want (even “Full” or “Full (strict)”), but when generating it you should leave it as default.


hi @Ergastolator1

I am confused in the DNS part on applying for a free ssl. it says record name, domain, destination. on cloudflare it says name, target. so what is this equivalent to?

“Record Name” equals to “Name” on Cloudflare, while “Destination” equals to “Target”. You won’t need to also add the domain after the record name, because it will be added automatically on Cloudflare for that domain. Also, make sure the SSL records’ proxy type is set to “DNS Only”, so click on the orange clouds to disable Cloudflare proxy for those records!


hi @Ergastolator1
When I try to request an ssl certificate it fails with this error:

We were unable to issue your SSL certificate. Please try to request a new one.

How do I fix this?

Please read this article to know more about the SSL certificate verification problem:

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thank you. Infinity free seems to have a lot of features still broken. :frowning:

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So I was able to get the ssl certificate. However, when I try to install it, it always says this is not for the domain the certificate is for the domain

what am i doing wrong here?

You need to first upload the Private Key from that page and then the certificate in order for the certificate to be installed.

@Ergastolator1 I did that! Here is what i did:

  1. go to control pannel and go to ssl /tls.

  2. go to

  3. copy paste the private key in the box for it.

  4. copy paste the csr after it generated.

  5. copy pasted the certificate.

FYI: This is not something that will be “fixed”. The SSL system was refactored, which is part of the reason why we can now offer free SSL certificates. The self signed certificates will probably not come back.

Free SSL for all is the long term goal, but we’re not there yet.


hi @Admin

Can you look at my previous post and answer my questions above?


Please note that you first need to upload the private key from the client area, and then upload the corresponding certificate. Generating a private key from the control panel is not necessary, because the client area generates a new private key for every certificate.