Cannot login to webmail

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: Not being able to login to webmail

After logging in to cpanel I click on the webmail icon.
I enter the email account and password (for the email account) and get Login Failed

I have already deleted and recreated the account as part of the debugging, but didn’t work.

Email being used is [email protected]
The webmail where I am being redirected and trying to login is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:

Have you created the MX records yet?

Yes, the MX record poiting to with priority 10 was created as indicated in the Cpanel

pointing to

And what about the domain name?

Yes, that is what the cpanel says:

To recieve emails on the email address you will need to set the [MX record] for your domain name to

You’ve checked the login credentials?

Yes I have, I have also changed password as an option.

Also deleted the account and recreated it and still the same issue
I have also created 3 more accounts and have the same issue.

I believe the error is on the roundcube webmail side
You may have not done everything right. Please do not enter special characters.

I have already verified special characters and still not working.

Have just tried again changing the password of all accounts

Did you actually enter your email address correctly? It is quite long. Also if you copy a password, the first three characters may be spaces.

I just setup a test account on your hosting account and was able to login to the account without any problems.

Please be sure to verify that ALL the things listed in the “I cannot login to webmail” are not the case on your account. Also be aware of copy-pasting additional spaces and other blank characters.

MX records affect where and how new incoming email is received. Nothing more. It doesn’t affect your ability to access webmail and view email which has already been received.

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I have verified what you have told me and everything seems correct.
But I’m still unable to log in into the webmail.

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