Cannot login to cpanel or reset password


I am trying to login to the cpanel and I get this error: "We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1 ". I tried different browsers and I still get the same error message. I know that I am using the correct information. Also, I clicked on the lost account link and I have not received any email yet. I checked junk folder as well.

Are there any issues with the servers?

Thank you.

Please do not use the password reset features of the control panel itself. The passwords of hosting accounts are only synced from the client area to the hosting system, and not the other way around. So you may find that out of nothing the password will be reset.

Can you please try to reset your hosting account password from the client area, and then see if you can login to the control panel using the Control Panel button in the client area?

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