Cannot login control panel first time

“When pressing the “Control Panel” button in the Client area, it should log you in the Control Panel automatically.”
Precisely what I expected - but I get this:
We are unable to log you in with the information you provided. Please check your username and password and try again 1


First of all, did you changed/reset your password directly on vPanel (Vista Panel/
If so then that’s why you are experiencing this error.

If that’s not the case then there’s probably a server side issue.

if a password issue I ought to be able to just hit “lost password”
in the failed ctrl panel login — ?

An email has now been sent , please check spam folders / junk folders for this mail

no email is ever received.
(I dont use tab gmail, the original is like 100 times easier to mess with)

I’m sorry but I didn’t quite get you there but I am guessing you are wondering why if you changed your password in the (Control Panel) directly it would break the automatic login in the client area.

Well you see, the Control Panel is not actually that much in sync with the Client Area, if you changed your Password in the Control Panel and not the Client Area then the new password will not be synced with the client area , the client area will be using the old password before you changed it, when you press the “Control Panel” button in the Client Area, your login will fail since the Client Area is still using your old password to login to the Control Panel.

So to summarized.
Do not reset/change your Password in the Control Panel. Change it in the Client Area.

oh good point … its all so new … lol

So, did you reset/change your password in the Control Panel?

no I never got the email to do that.

“hange your Password in the Control Panel. Change it in the Client Area.”

did you mean “edit account” button? dont see a “change password” link

Updating your password here will change the Control Panel Password , FTP Password and MySQL Database Password of this hosting account.

Changing this password will not change your Client Area Password or Webmail Passwords .

“leave empty, will generated”

Well I’m not really sure what would be the solution, I guess the Admin can check it for you.

Yep try to change your password there and once you changed it, try logging in again on the Control Panel.

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Only change your account password through the client area. If you forgot your password, you can also retrieve it through the client area. The password are occasionally synced from the client area to the hosting platform, reverting any password change done outside of the client area.

The built in password reset has many, many, many issues. We’d disable it if we could.


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