Cannot link website pages

404 page not found

I am starting and checking if all is ok.
Uploaded index.html and other linked pages. Home page is ok but when I click for others I see 404 page not found.
for example in home page the “earn dimes” button is linked to .
it is correctly uploaded in file manager/htdocs. maybe I am mistaken something.
Tried with different browsers and pc but always error.
thank you in advance for the support
kind regards

Can you send a screenshot of the /htdocs folder in a FTP or file manager?


Your links are pointing to while the actual page is at I suspect the same is with your images. You have to add the file extension at the end of all your links.
(If you go to you will see that it works.)


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thank you.
no images is right not showing because still starting.
about your suggestion now will try.
thanks a lot

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No problem, please mark my response as solution if it helped!

yes the prob was the .html
thanks again
have a nice day

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