Cannot install plugins or upload themes

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###( Error Message 9cannot create directory while installing plugin or when manually installing themes tried ftp FileZilla also got same problem)

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getting a popup again and again while installing plugin asking for hostname username or password and SSL

cannot install plugins or uploads themes sometimes shows the-uploaded-file-could-not-be-moved-to-wp-content-uploads/ while uploading theme through appearance theme please resolve this problem

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What is the actual error message from FileZilla?


when i am trying to upload a theme on my site I am getting this error

if i try to upload from FTP it shows

when i try to install or upload any plugin this comes up

or if i try to create a folder in ftp for manual uploadin theme it shows

Did you hit the inode limit?
You can check inode count from Vpanel

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Yes sir I have checked it now the inodes limit has been crossed is it all happening because just of it
can you please tell what can I do now?

Delete unneeded files and directories. Then wait. It could take a while


The inode limit dictates how many files and folders can be on your website. Once you go over the limit, you can no longer upload new files or folders until you delete enough files off the server so you can go back under the limit. WordPress can hit this limit somewhat easily, so delete plugins and themes you do not need/do not use.

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