Cannot get CRON working for HumHub

Username epiz_29963116

I have done my best to set up the CRON using the CP and the instructions for HumHub CRON, but nothing seems to work.

My HumHub admin still says:
Warning incomplete setup!

  • The cron job for the regular tasks (cron) does not seem to work properly.

You can’t seem to put proper commands into the CRON setup, so I eventually tried with just the path to the script, so the CRON is set up:

to run every hour (it won’t allow https as an option)
Of course, that’s a protected file
But according to the HumHub CRON setup instructions, that’s the closest I could get?

Since I can’t put anything else after that in the setup, like the cron/run bit (spaces turn into underscores in the CRON UI).

Not sure how else to try and set it up? Appreciate any assistance.

Unless I am mistaken, humhib is not supported on free hosting

How do you mean not supported? It installed just fine from Softalicious, there’s no message anywhere saying I can’t use it. The ONLY thing I’m having trouble with is the CRON, and it’s not even that bad as the site runs without it.
Don’t know what the other quote is that you brought into my thread.

Looked at that other thread that was brought into this one. It’s not related to my issue at all.

Was surprised you managed to install humhub in the first place. In fact I was expecting you to encounter setback due to InnoDB issues.

There is no way to setup cron job as required by the humhub documentation. You may need a VPS as there is no CLi on free hosting


It seems that HumHub requires a system cron job to work. However, it’s not possible to run system commands on our hosting, including these cron commands.

We do have a Cron Jobs tool, but this tool does web based cron only. And looking at the HumHub documentation you linked to, I don’t think you can trigger HumHub’s cron tasks by calling a web URL.


Thank you for the response. Does that mean even if I were to upgrade to paid hosting there would still be no way to run the CRON on your servers?

(I’m not too worried, the site runs fine without CRON, I just have to put up with the message on my front page which only I as admin see anyway.)

Nah, when you buy premium hsoting, your data will be moved to the premium servers when you can have access to the CLI etc. If only you bought from iFastNet. If another provider you may have to do it manually :+1:

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Isn’t the CLI only available for the business plan?

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I think the CLI can be accessed via the terminal in the cPanel.

Actual SSH access where you can run commands manually is only available on business hosting. But every premium hosting plan supports running cron commands, like those required by HumHub.


Thank you. I will take that into consideration.

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