Cannot get Addon Domains to work

I would like to host multiple testimonial websites in one account. I have tried doing this by adding a domain under Account Options > Domains > + Add Domain. I’ve added a domain called

I am already hosting another site in this account, which loads fine in a browser. However, when I try to access the new website ( I get the following error:

Safari Can’t Open the Page [cannot establish a secure connection to the server]

To be clear, I have added an index.html file in the domain’s htdocs and have even tried adding a .htaccess file.

Any ideas? TIA

You’ll have to install a SSL certificate even for that domain for it to work under HTTPS; here’s a guide to do that with our Free SSL Certificates tool:


Thanks! Will give that a go. I already have an SSL on the original domain. I assumed you could only have one SSL per account, thus it would cover any addon domains.

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