Cannot create subdomain, given error

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Invalid Domain, please check your input. .6

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Trying to create a subdomain for my website, no matter what i try to use as a subdomain, i am greeted with this error: Invalid Domain, please check your input. .6


Can you please check the following?

  • Are there any extra spaces?
  • Is the subdomain more then 1 letter long?

Can you give some examples of what you tried as well?


Hi! thanks for the quick reply

No extra spaces, Ive tried, mint. apeworldorder. com, mintawo. apeworldorder. com etc… (put spaces in here, it will not allow me to post more than 2 linked websites lol)

Ive even tried using the original apeworldorder. 42web. io with a subdomain and am greeted with the same error.

To rule out browser issues, can you try creating the following domain from the “Subdomain” menu?

that gave this error

Illegal characters in the naming field, please verify input. .
Domain too long, please verify or contact support. 24

I was able to create as a subdomain, so there must be a issue with using the to host the subdomain is what i am gathering

Oops, forgot about that limit.

Yes, I would agree with you that something is mis-configured with your domain. You can do one of the following:

  1. Delete the domain from your account, reload the control panel, and add it back again
  2. Wait for Admin to take a closer look at things

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