i cannot connect to ftp server my credentials are exactly the same and says incorrect over and over again.

Hello @haroldx.

Because of other users reporting the same issue I have to guess that the FTP server is broken at the moment… Unfortunately sometimes it happens and not always it’s our fault. I hope that @Admin gets this notification so he can look further into the issue as he is the only one with hosting-system wide access…

I hope that this issue will get solved soon.


Judging by the nature of the issue and the number of people experiencing it, it looks like the FTP server was overloaded. However, I just tried to connect through FTP but I didn’t experience any problems, meaning that the issue most likely has been resolved by the server administrators. Do you still experience this issue?

The same for me. I tried log in with FileZilla, and I can not.

With the web builder I can keep going adding template and styles, but the other way, not.