Cannot Connect to File Manager

My website URL is:, sub-domain: (no index or default file set yet)

What I’m seeing is:

404 Not Found

I’m using this software:

cPanel for my site > Online File Manager
Google Chrome v70.0.3538.110 64-bit on Win 10 Pro

Additional information:

I also cannot access my file manager from the client area, either. I get “FTP authentication failed.” When I attempt to change the password to see if that’s the issue, I get an error that I can only use letters and numbers. However, I am only using letters and numbers. Literally nothing works. Please help.

same problem here and my website also not working…i am trying to put my link and connect to website but browser cant detect… your website working or not??

I have the same problem since I upload my web page. Is there something wrong with the hosting?

But there are somethings strange, when I visited my page this afternoon, I was able to get in, but if you try now, it is impossible. And my page is visible thru movil phones…what’s going on?

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