Cannot Be Reached. I appreciate the help!

Hi Fellows
I’m new to hosting with InfinityFree and sorry for my english
I’m try to host my domain: but can seem to make it work!
When you try to enter it says it cannot be reached and Server IP address could not be found!
My domain is pointing into these infinity name servers:

  • ns1.byet. org
  • ns2.byet. org
  • ns3.byet. org
  • ns4.byet. org
  • ns5.byet. org
    Thank you for your help!

It seems to be working for me?

Right now it’s showing an empty directory listing, which means you haven’t uploaded any files.

Upload your website’s first page at htdocs/index.html


It seems to work for me. It might be DNS propagation, in which case you’ll have to wait (or clear your DNS cache or switch DNS servers).


Thank you guys! @kamdroid @anon54841129 , it was a dns propagation issue, patience was the key.

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