Cannot add an addon domain to my account


I cannot add the domain to my account as it gives the following error:

This appears to be a subdomain you are adding (1008485) 86046 IN CNAME
There appears to be a CNAME entry for this domain (1408485) 86046 IN CNAME

I checked the CNAME records but theres no such record. I remember deleting a record for this domain but I did that like 24 hours ago.

Please help, as I really want that addon domain. is a subdomain, not an addon domain. Add it in subdomain dection.


Well what would be the main domain of the account then? I dont have a domain linked to this account. And I can set other kinds of domains like there instead. Why not this one.

Read again

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Then, does it mean if I add a subdomain, that will be my account’s main domain?

Actually, I used to have as an addon domain and then I had added as a sub domain. Thats what I am referring to. I cant create the same addon domain anymore (I deleted it). If any admin could check these CNAME entries and remove them, thatd be greatly helpful!

You need to get the facts right

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Yeah alright, I get it but what about the fact that I could add to my account which now I cant

It’s not supposed to be possible to create subdomains of subdomains in the first place. But due to how the initial domain is setup when an account is created, you can do it if the subdomain is used when creating the account.

However, it’s not possible to do this with subdomains added later on, even if you delete the initial domain and then add it again.

If you insist on setting up a subdomain on a subdomain, you’ll need to create a new hosting account with the subdomain.


Oh thanks. I think that clears it!

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